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Empty legs

An empty leg is a flight where a private plane flies a certain section without the presence of passengers.The reasons for an empty leg can vary - it can be a transfer of the plane back to its home base, or a flight to a destination where other passengers will be picked up. What makes the empty leg so appealing is the fact that the prices of these flights are often up to 60% below the price of a private flight on the same route.

Why to choose an Empty leg?

The advantage of the empty leg is especially the attractive price. If the route and date suit you, there is no reason to travel differently.

Zvýhodněná cena

Zvýhodněná cena

Enjoy the comfort and safety of a private flight at minimal cost. The flight is already financed from further traffic, so you only pay the price of the fees associated with transporting passengers.

Nadstandartní bezpečnost

Nadstandartní bezpečnost

All aircraft of private operators are in top technical condition, which is continuously attested by internal audits, as well as by the relevant civil aviation authorities.

Prémiový komfort

Prémiový komfort

Even at a reduced price, enjoy the comfort and superior services of private aviation. Preferential check-in, catering according to your wishes.

Available Empty legs

We regularly update the list of empty legs so that you have the most up-to-date offer available.
Of course, the planes are always moving and it may happen that the empty leg you selected is already booked, in which case we will do everything to find the best alternative for you.


We apologize for the current unavailability of empty legs. We are still working on publishing them.


Is it possible to reschedule an empty leg flight?

Rescheduling the Empty leg is usually possible, however, only on the condition that the aircraft will be able to complete the follow-on flight according to the set schedule without any problems.

Are flight prices stable throughout the year?

Flight prices may change partially during the year. Especially in the high season, i.e. summer, you need to expect a certain increase in prices, especially at very busy airports. Winter is generally more affordable.

Is there a steward onboard?

Presence of a steward on board depends on the type of aircraft. Most light jets and smaller propeller-driven aircraft do not have flight attendant onboard. Larger categories of midsize and heavy jets are usually serviced by a steward.

Are refresments provided during the flight?

Yes, refreshments are served on every flight. Even on flights without a steward, self-service catering is available. It is usually possible to choose the form of refreshment according to your own preferences.

How much in advance do I need to book a flight?

The sooner the better, as the saying goes. All aircraft are always available for rental, and your chosen aircraft might be already booked tomorrow, with alternatives possibly not up to your standards or at higher price.

How can I book a flight?

As soon as you confirm your selection of flight, we issue you an invoice and a contract. As soon as we receive a signed contract and payment is made, the aircraft is booked according to your specifications.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us by contact form on our website, use email, whatsapp, sms or simply call us. Regardless, please provide us with as much information as possible, so that we can tailor our response to your query. Generally we require, place of departure, destination, time of flight and preferred type of aircraft.

Do you provide additional services?

Yes, upon request. We can provide you transportation to or from the airport, special catering or even booking of a hotel. The aim is to always adjust your journey to your satisfaction.

Will there be anybody on board the plane I book?

Only people you bring with you. In private aviation you always book the entire aircraft, not just a seat or certain space.

What is included in the set price?

The price includes all standard charges, including airport fees. It also includes the crew and, of course, the aircraft rental. The price does not include special catering orders, transportation to the airport, de-icing of the aircraft, or special fees for flights outside of airport opening hours.

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