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Wonder where to go skiing?

Winter is fast approaching us once again and while it is a time of peace, it is also time of winter fun, with skiing undoubtedly being one of the greatest. So go grab your equipment and take with us a look at the most beautiful resorts that you can visit this season.

Old love never dies

Who wouldn’t know Courchevel, the premium resort of the French Alps. It's like being in a fairytale winter kingdom for it will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. The incredible eight Michelin-starred restaurants guarantee an unbeatable gastronomic experience, and the accommodations here do not lag behind in any way. An extensive network of first-class slopes will satisfy all levels of skiers, from complete beginners to professionals. And if you do get tired of skiing, you will find facilities for a number of other sports here, from ice skating to hot air balloon flights. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain panoramas you will find a profound atmosphere for unrivaled enjoyment. Last but not least, the resort is easily accessible, which is ensured by the local airport. Just make sure you fly with a big enough plane, as the countless boutiques in the town center won't let you leave until you’re overpacked.

Adventures under the Northern Lights

Ski centers are not limited to the Alps, of course. Brave people with an adventurous soul will be more than welcome in the Norwegian city of Svalbard. This unspool paradise on Earth captivates visitors with its untamed landscape, where polar bears roam freely and the sky is decorated with a unique and breathtaking spectacle of the aurora borealis, dazzling the sky above your heads with shades of all colors.

You can cross the archipelago with dog sleds, on snowmobiles or on skis. The local fauna is incredible and, in addition to bears, you can freely observe reindeer and arctic foxes, or take a boat out into the waters of the icy ocean to admire whales and seals. Svalbard is a place where adventure knows no bounds, where you will write stories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether it's conquering arctic peaks, discovering frozen troves or simply immersing yourself in the breathtaking solitude of this icy realm and the culture that survives in this inhospitable environment.

A winter escape named Mestia

We all need a breather sometimes, and the short days of the winter months often take from us more energy than the summer sun can. If you want to relax in peace, away from the crowds of the often overcrowded Alpine resorts, try Mestia. Nestled in the middle of the Georgian part of the Caucasus, this lesser-known resort is characterized by its tranquility, which makes every visit a truly magical experience. The local untouched mountain landscape is truly enchanting. Snow-covered peaks and ancient Svanetian towers (some of which even serve as stylish restaurants and hotels today), all framed by deep forests, create a picturesque backdrop for active rest. Although the resort would be counted among one of the smaller ones in Europe, you will still not encounter queues for cable cars here, and you will be able to enjoy the joy of downhill skiing or snowboarding without the distractions of a large crowd.

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