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Exotic destinations for this winter

With winter fast approaching and the days getting shorter, we can often feel as if all the energy in our lives has disappeared along with the sweltering sun of summer. Although winter sports and fun in the snow are the order of the day, some of us simply need warmth, sun, and a warm sea and good food. If that's you, read on, for we have some exclusive destinations for this winter’s months.

MaleMaldives: The Endless Blue

The Maldives is a vast strip of atolls in the Indian Ocean. It holds the geographical record as the "flattest" country on the planet, the highest point of the entire archipelago of more than 200 inhabited islands is only 2.4 metres above the sea level.

Perhaps this is why these islands are unbeatable in the field of water sports. One of the most popular is kayaking, also suitable for less experienced athletes. It operates in  lagoons and also, if you dare, in the open sea. Of course, diving, surfing, water skiing or wakeboarding are also offered. And don't worry about catching a cold in winter, even in December the water around the Maldives is a pleasant 27°C.

One of the wonders that every nature lover should definitely not miss is swimming with sharks. No, we don't mean great whites or other killers. The Maldives is home to a large number of Whale Sharks. These underwater giants can weigh up to 30 tons (about the weight of 7 elephants) and live up to 130 years. Although they are the largest fish in the world, they feed exclusively on plankton and are therefore completely harmless. Diving with them is truly an experience of a lifetime.

If you still prefer to stay on land, you will find that there are countless events that won’t let you forget your trip. You must sample local cuisine, it will surely satisfy even the most demanding diners. Try the fish curry or the popular Garudhiya fish soup with tuna fillets.


Seychelles: A tropical paradise

In the western part of the Indian Ocean, towards Africa, the true paradise on Earth emerges fromSey the waves. The Seychelles have a completely different character than the Maldives, but they are no less worth a visit. There are many ways to explore this part of the world, but certainly the most original is a private seaplane. Travelling this way is as comfortable as it is enchanting, as you can enjoy panoramic views of the islands that seem as if from a fairy tale. And if you particularly like one? You simply land nearby and you can courageously venture forth and explore in the style of the great pioneers of history. Each of the islands has its own distinctiveness, from the jagged rocks of the island of Mahé to the rainforests of Praslin, there is something for everyone.

Fortunately, it is not quite as untamed as it might have been thousands of years ago, Seychelles regularly rank at the top of the safety charts. Most of the islands are criss-crossed by a network of well-marked routes that will take you both to the tops of majestic peaks and to hidden coves with white, soft sand. There is perhaps nothing more romantic than a walk along the beach illuminated by the setting sun, ending with a private dinner under a star-studded sky. Here, the only limit to the experience is your own imagination.



For Europeans Dubai is the gateway to the East, the local airport is the busiest in the entire Middle East region. However, this does not mean that the "Pearl of the Persian Gulf", as the city is sometimes dubbed, has nothing to offer in itself, quite the contrary.

DubajThe first sight of Dubai immediately amazes everyone. Perhaps no other city has such awe inspiring and ostentatious architecture. The dominant feature is, of course, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, currently the tallest in the world, the tip of which often rises truly above the clouds. It is definitely worth a visit, there is the "highest" restaurant in the world and also the "highest" night club.

Not so high, but no less impressive are the artificial islands, the so-called palm trees. These gems of modern engineering are home to luxury hotels, water parks, and other attractions, so much so that they are almost a city in themselves. You can spend your entire vacation here and want for nothing, but you should not miss out on other sights downtown, as this place has it all, from art expositions to premiere restaurants.

If after a while you get tired of the city and its glitz, you will find that Dubai is an excellent base for expeditions to the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. You can conquer this inhospitable land of Bedouins and " Tales of 1000 and one night" in the spirit of centuries-old tradition on the back of a camel, or in a disproportionately more modern way on a four-wheeler. Anyway, get ready for a real ride.


Are you interested in any of the destinations and would you be interested in a price offer? Or do you prefer another destination? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you plan your dream vacation.

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